Tekpluze 1080P Full HD Mini Spy Security Camera

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  • -Full HD 1080P Spy Camera – Superior high-definition camera lens provide crystal clear 1080P or 720P HD video recording allows you to see and monitor clearly what happened when you are out of your home, office and other. You don’t miss any important images.
  • -Upgraded Night Vision – With 6 premium night vision infrared LED lights, this hidden spy cameras can give you clear viewing in low light and fully dark environment and the IR lights are invisible when recording. This cop cam can know if someone break into your room when lamps off.
  • -Motion Detecting – The mini spy camera support motion activation and will auto record once Motions Detected. And with 360° clip mount and 140° wide viewing angle to capture the entire room, never miss something important anymore. You can put it at home or office to take care your children, pets, business etc.
  • -循环录制-迷你间谍相机还支持循环录制,以确保不会因Micro SD卡(未附带)已满而停止录制。存储卡已满时,最新文件将覆盖以前的文件,并且设备将继续记录。
  • -易于使用-仅使用模式和ON / OFF按钮即可切换模式,打开/关闭夜视或动作检测,此秘密间谍相机可以操作。


我们的间谍相机采用了最新升级的图像传感器,可让您记录FHD 1080P(30FPS)视频或720P HD,并拍摄4032 * 3024(12MP)照片。

202 reviews for Tekpluze 1080P Full HD Mini Spy Security Camera

  1. Brendan Crash Burt

    It’s just not user friendly. I haven’t figured out how to function it. It’s been a year or so & trying again.


    I just wished it was Bluetooth compatible and wireless

  3. Pedro Gomez Del-Carmen Jr

    It’s amazing, it’s pretty much plug n play.
    It’s very ez to use, simply step by step instructions, a no worries, with costumer support if u have any issues or questions there right at ur fingertips

  4. Kevin Panter

    Difficult to set-up and formatting the SD card will not work.

  5. Sarah Rebecca Andrews


  6. Clh

    I like it’s small & has wide range

  7. Justin

    Good to have in your car. Or on your body whin you work with the public

  8. Leslie Caldwell

    Great concept but the controls take some getting use to. Over all I like this a lot.

  9. Chad D Rollman

    Easy setup and functions as intended.

  10. Kevin M Mahoney

    Great mini camera, easy to setup and use. Good value.

  11. Kenton Athearn

    Although I just received the product a few days ago, the short period that I have had it, it has worked flawlessly.

  12. Sonia suarez

    Really good product easy to use effective. Gray design

  13. Smith Elizabeth

    I really like the idea of , but there aren’t any instructions. I’ve had it a while but don’t know how to use it.

  14. Ricardo Medina

    I think this is great small camera. Very useful.

  15. Alexis Cooper

    I just set it up today can not give a straight review on this camera just yet. I will give an review sometime later on this week.

  16. Sharon Marsh

    Haven’t used long enough to get a good review


    acceptable for the price. wish resolution would be better but oh well.

  18. Victor snipes

    Still trying to work. Ive looked at instructions and can’t get to work properly

  19. alfonso moulinet

    so far so good.
    I just need to find out how to due loop recording

  20. Barbara

    How are you gonna ask me that question when I haven’t even used it yet I’m registering it that makes no sense to ask a question now

  21. Syed Kokab Mehmood Naqvi

    This is good product but there is an opportunity to improve the Customer experience if more details are provided how to use it. it doesn’t come with SD card and I am not sure what needs to be done to set this up.

  22. SHAWN Michael BURGESS

    Haven’t tried it yet but it seems good enough

  23. Corey Henry

    I love my purchase the size is small and unrecognizable the quality is clear and I’m loving it

  24. Mistie Phillips

    Okay for size havent used much yet hopping it does what i need

  25. Dennis Schossow

    I would give a better review if I was not experiencing the problem of NOT getting the video to work on the 1080p setting. I get the sound, but no video. The camera does work on the 720p video setting.

  26. Johnna Back


  27. Cara Brown

    Beyond expectations… photo , video & sound clarity is REALLY good! All of the included accessories are very much appreciated & I’m in love with it all. Someone has been stealing items from my Grandpa’s house after he died 3 weeks ago & I now know after setting it up & testing it, they will be caught; for that I thank you as well! Thank you in advance for the free gift camera (excited to try the other version too & it will allow me to cover another area of my Grandpa’s house!!!

  28. Elizabeth Salazar

    Need to view more often, havent been home long to notice the capability it has to offer.

  29. Fran

    Its great have only used it a few days

  30. Maychell Lacy

    Have not had this long enough to rate it but unsure how to look at the video.

  31. Zachery Burks

    Unable to get the sd to work. Operation is kind of confusing. Quality not as good as I expected

  32. Ray Zuniga

    Great product works perfect for what I needed for .

  33. Albert

    Excellent service and great service and excellent service and service was great and service is excellent

  34. Jennifer Horne

    This tiny spy camera by Tekpluze has amazing clarity with both audio and visual. I was shocked to see that it was both clear visually and could hear every word spoken. My daughter and I laughed while we used it in the dark to test out the infrared feature. I am amazed a tiny camera could pick up things in the dark. This is going to be useful while driving. It plugs easily in the usb. It comes fully equip with plugs, 32gigs memory card!

  35. Rachel Handren

    I don’t like that I can’t really use it yet without the SD card and that it isn’t attached

  36. Numer Choudhury

    so far so good. i have no complaints.

  37. Jannica Sundwall

    Pretty simple to use and very discrete to use

  38. Jasmine Weinstein

    It’s small
    And good size to

  39. Rick Edwards

    Can not make the camera go into motion activated mode

  40. Willie Cain

    Just getting ready to use it so I don’t know how well the product works yet


    wish WI-FI and size were car air vent size. and a video to just watch and help with sharing info and give peace of mind on setup.

  42. Kathleen Clark

    Only used for a day now but trying to see if working I don’t how to monitor it

  43. Gene N Hardy

    Seems to be a good product. That works great.And easy to setup

  44. terry ann stuart

    the product is a bit complicated but overall it has very good quality it does not miss a single detail it picks up sound very nicely even the smallest of sound it picks up sounds like a full volume computer the mini spy camera product from TEKPLUZE is very compact and unique

  45. Annise Hickman

    I like how small and Discrete this camera is

  46. Dudley

    Haven’t really used it yet it’s a little bit confusing on how to get to scan disk format weather thing is on or off and how long it’ll last it’s a little confusing instructions are a little bit vague

  47. Olivia

    Great especially the size and price. Awesome mini camera

  48. Crystal Baucom

    I love it!!!! I have an evil immature skitzer mother in law, she is 65 and continues to vandalize my property!!! Her bitchass is going down now!

  49. Shane Strasburg

    Wish it had an app it WiFi/bluetooth

  50. David Stafford

    Seems like a fine little camera.

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