Tekpluze 1080P Full HD Mini Spy Security Camera

(202 customer reviews)

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  • -Full HD 1080P Spy Camera – Superior high-definition camera lens provide crystal clear 1080P or 720P HD video recording allows you to see and monitor clearly what happened when you are out of your home, office and other. You don’t miss any important images.
  • -Upgraded Night Vision – With 6 premium night vision infrared LED lights, this hidden spy cameras can give you clear viewing in low light and fully dark environment and the IR lights are invisible when recording. This cop cam can know if someone break into your room when lamps off.
  • -Motion Detecting – The mini spy camera support motion activation and will auto record once Motions Detected. And with 360° clip mount and 140° wide viewing angle to capture the entire room, never miss something important anymore. You can put it at home or office to take care your children, pets, business etc.
  • -循环录制-迷你间谍相机还支持循环录制,以确保不会因Micro SD卡(未附带)已满而停止录制。存储卡已满时,最新文件将覆盖以前的文件,并且设备将继续记录。
  • -易于使用-仅使用模式和ON / OFF按钮即可切换模式,打开/关闭夜视或动作检测,此秘密间谍相机可以操作。


我们的间谍相机采用了最新升级的图像传感器,可让您记录FHD 1080P(30FPS)视频或720P HD,并拍摄4032 * 3024(12MP)照片。

202 reviews for Tekpluze 1080P Full HD Mini Spy Security Camera

  1. Mario gomez

    Its take some time how to make it , it will a lot better if we can connected to our iPhone

  2. Irma J Hernandez

    This camera works amazing anyone could by it TBH it’s the best product.

  3. Claudivan Ribeiro

    Really good product the only thing I don’t like is that the memory card don’t come with other then that awesome product

  4. michael riv

    super cool. would be even cooler if you included a micro sd card with the camera!

  5. Jason Brandenburg

    product is high quality for low cost. very happy i purchased the product.

  6. Fernando J Espinosa

    Excellent product great price and you can hide it practically everywhere in the house, office,
    And in the back yard

  7. Kristin Schoenfeldt

    Still learning how to use it it just came today, wish it had more and better instructions

  8. robert pernell

    I’m having difficulty starting the product(s). It isn’t as easy as you described. I will continue to try, but unhappy with the attempts. Hope I have better success with my future attempts.

  9. Joey Howard

    Using it to find out what animal is coming in our back yard at night.

  10. Randi Hampton

    It’s ok seems a little complicated needs better instructions

  11. Frederick Neubecker

    It’s really small and discreet, easy to use and the shipping was fast packaged well

  12. David Maitlen

    I just received and haven’t set them up yet. I had to order the TF card after I realized it won’t work without them so we’ll see.

  13. Jonas Martie

    file shows up but wont play I’ve tried 5 different video players if could view or play the videos it would be great

  14. Mohamed El-Fatih Abdul-Rahman

    Value for Money!
    It is exactly what I expected to get from this device.
    Easy to use… I wish you can include the TF card as an add on for other purchases

  15. Marsha

    My family really like this item. Will order more.

  16. Theondre

    The mini cam is awesome and nice

  17. Guy Majos

    need to use it more to make full assement

  18. Angela Griffin

    I just received this, so I hope this works.

  19. Willis Daniel

    Just setup88888888888888888888888

  20. Olivia “DJ SMYLEZ” 🎤 Adams

    Still wondering how to set it up

  21. Earnestine Hill

    I just received it and I will let you know later.

  22. Brandi Christopher

    I thought it came with an app. It doesnt and im so confused


    Good quality solid build very discreet

  24. Aliza V Sloan

    It’s very helpful and it give me the security i need inside and outside.

  25. Tammy Smith

    Its okay just can’t watch from my office

  26. Yeri Palma

    Idk how to get it to record it only record vice but no picture

  27. Amanda Brooks

    Well.. I’m having a hard time getting it’ set up..

  28. Derek

    I like the size of the product and how discreet it is. However, I feel that the picture quality could be better due to it becoming pixelated.

  29. Daniel Hoover

    just received it and it seems easy to use.

  30. Elsa

    Is very complicated. For activity

  31. Therese Duda

    I haven’t used it yet I’m waiting for sd card. How do I find the phone app?

  32. raymond jones

    Have charged the device 3 times for a minimum of 12 hours total before use. Attempted to power up. Light turns blue then flashes blue/red & powers down. I have tried changing modes, but since it apparently never powered up, there is no mode changing. Ive tried resetting it via the reset button with absolutely nothing happening as a result. As of now the device isn’t working at all. I purchased two of these, really not looking forward to being disappointed twice today

  33. Ak Fate

    Just received today , been trying to get help with setting up on my computer the SD cards the instructions say but I cant get no help yet !!!!!!

  34. malessa

    Dont know yet just got it I’ll let you know after I use it.

  35. Osmin Escobar

    Great product I would definitely buy again will let everyone know

  36. valencia robinson

    so far it is working just have to use it a little longer

  37. Raul Cabral

    The very small form factor makes it a lot easier to put somewhere.

  38. Steven P. Elwart P. E. Ph. D

    Too soon to tell. Not sure. …………………

  39. Kyndea Rhodes

    I like a lot.i like this product a lot. The camera is small and very easily hidden. Now just to figure out the app process.

  40. James King

    Still learning all the functions. Great product for the price.

  41. Mike Hulsey

    Haven’t used it yet. I will update as soon as I have used the camera.

  42. Gerald Elias

    works well so far. wish manual was clearer on mode settings

  43. Luis Gutierrez

    Great tiny little cam, very useful for my needs.

  44. Dennis Smythe

    Small camera that should work well

  45. Frank Wissler

    Undecided since I just opened the package and am attempting to charge it while formatting my micro SD card.

  46. Stephanie Tylka

    Very small and compact. Seems easy to use. Great pricing.

  47. Brendon Anderson

    Great looking product with good reviews

  48. Thomas Rowley

    Works great!. Excellent price.

  49. R Kennedy Fox

    no complaints up to this point

  50. Misty WHITT

    Haven’t got to use it yet. I am just now taking it out of the packaging.

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