Tekpluze Hidden Mini Spy Camera, 1080P Full HD Nanny Cam with 32 GB SD Card, Night Vision & Motion Activation for Indoor Outdoor Portable Secret Surveillance Covert Security Small Camera

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  • 【Full 1080P & 720P Spy Camera】Superior High-definition camera lens provide crystal clear live feed and recorded video, which captures entire room without having to pan or tilt. At the same time, 1080P and 720P can be switched freely at any time.
  • 【 Night Vision and Motion Detection】This Camera will start recording automatically if any moving object be detected, it auto save a file every 5 min. If no moving object be detected, the camera will stop recording and standby until battery is low and turn off automatically. 4pcs Infrared light make the night vision more clear, and the IR lights are invisible when recording.
  • 【Loop Video Recording】:Hidden camera supports SD card up to MAX 32GB capacity (SD card not included) for loop recording video..The latest video file will automatically cover the earliest video files if the SD card is full.
  • 【Longer Battery Time 】 Built-in 200mAh polymer lithium battery, fully charged, can work about 100 minutes, you can set the Loop Recording & Time Stamp on or off by yourself. Also you can get the camera plugged into a USB charger (or power bank) for recording Nonstop.
  • 【Easy to Use】Just slot in a SD card and start recording. You can put the spy camera in the corner of home, office, warehouse, store, backyard, garden, even in your pocket or on your collar with the clip included.



1080P FHD / 720P HD

Do you want to know what happened in your house when you away from home? How is the nanny doing with your kids? This spy camera SQ8 can fulfill your needs. The ultra-small form factor can be carried around, and the home office can be installed anytime, anywhere. This cop spy cam will let you find unexpected surprises. It’s multipurpose design enables it to fulfill your needs.


Motion Detection


This secret camera will start recording when a moving things be detected,this portable hidden camera will recording videos or photos and stores to SD card automatically. If has not a moving  object, this mini hidden camera going to the standby mode until powered off.


Night Vision


Hidden camera with 4 invisible LED IR lights, and 1080P HD video stabilization perfectly clear night vision. It provides you crystal images and videos even in the darkness. You can get live full HD video both day and night.


Loop Recording and Time Stamp


The date and time stamp of this camera can be adjustable and loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest one which is also adjustable (Loop recording turn on/off and time stamp fix could be adjusted to what you need). The SD card supports maximum capacity up to 32GB (SD card is not included).


Charging While Recording


Built-in lithium battery 200mAh, working time up to 100 mins when USB charger (or power bank) nanny camera 2 hours fully charged.

Also, It could support recording while charging to get much longer time for use.


Wide Viewing Angle


With 140°wide angle professional grade lens, which made it capture an extensive field of view, creates a large coverage view to monitor, supports recording indoor and outdoor. With high quality 1080P & 720P video for smooth recording up to 30fps (frame per second) of accurate color reproduction.


Packing Includes

1 x Mini Camera

1 x 360° Rotation

1 x Clip Mount

1 x User Manual

1 x Tweezers

1 x SD card

1 x SD card reader

Warm Tips: Tweezers help to insert and remove the SD card.



Security & Protection – Keep an eye on baby, pet, the elderly, housekeepers or employees at work ect…Monitor your home, office, and store. A great gift to Moms, Daughters, Dads, Sons, Coworkers, Husbands, Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends……. any Loved One that you care about. Easy-To-Use Surveillance Camera. It’s so small you can carry it in your pocket, purse, suitcase or briefcase to have it with you at all time.

128 reviews for Tekpluze Hidden Mini Spy Camera, 1080P Full HD Nanny Cam with 32 GB SD Card, Night Vision & Motion Activation for Indoor Outdoor Portable Secret Surveillance Covert Security Small Camera

  1. Rosa Barnett

    Perfect for what I need it for.

  2. Talisha Boyer

    Awesome thanks for the 1st camera I’ve purchased

  3. M D

    Perfect size, comes with lots of extras

  4. AJ Johnson

    Very small for hidden use if you do not want others to know you’re recording. I needed this camera for when guests come over. This is the best product if you want to be discrete

  5. Mark Sonderskov

    Honestly, I have not tried it yet but I showed it to a friend and he bought one.

  6. Mark Telly

    I love it!! Easy to use easy to hide easy all the way around.!!

  7. LJ Dutton

    Love the material that was used to make this camera. Very sturdy. I did have trouble in the beginning, but it was my own fault. I loaded a 64 GB card when the product says max 32 GB card. Once that was all set…the camera was perfect! Love the quality of the video! Great cam for the price!

  8. Michael Duddy

    Awesome cameras I like that it is made out of metal and not some cheap plastic

  9. Maryam Malik

    Great spy camera if you want to keep your home secure and not let anyone know that they are being watched.

  10. Rebecca DeGough

    It seems great but I don’t understand about the Timerest app. Can’t find it. Do I need a regular computer because I have a tablet?

  11. Dontoye Baker

    It’s a great mini camera that could hide in any place. Love it

  12. Katie Howard

    I haven’t used it yet. Once I do, I will leave a review.

  13. Rodger Wylie

    Interesting kinda confusing also lol

  14. Maureen J Boland

    I just got the mini camera so I really don’t know anything about it yet. I gave it 5 stars and a ten for recommendations to friends and family.

    I certainly hope it turns out that way once I begin using it. I’m getting ready to begin formatting the Micro As 10 disc which I’ve never done, so let’s hope I can get it done and go on from there.

    I got a cash card with my camera and don’t know what to do with it, as I don’t see any information about it, so that’s a mystery and a challenge to me. I’m not technically inclined.

    I hope I chose the right security camera.

    If I have problems, I’ll be sending it back, sorry — that’s because there’s no mention of the flash card or no information on how to format the Micro AS card. Maybe the Operation Instruction is the way to format the SD card.S

    I’ll contact your customer support.

    Thank you for the free 1-year warranty!

    Maureen Boland ☺

  15. Heather Williams

    very small and discreet. Good buy for the money.

  16. Juan A Delgado

    Great price and very user-friendly, found it on Amazon and I loved how fast it arrived.

  17. cleavy jordan

    I just got the thing and I really haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, but it looks pretty cool and I can’t wait to hook it up and see what this bad boy can do!!!

  18. onsi ramzi

    It is AMAZING how small this device is and strong material

  19. Latanda walker

    It’s ok I will definitely recommend to family just need more information about the set of this device regarding the camera


    trying to find an app to use with it

  21. Tellia Breon

    I haven’t used the camera yet, im getting ready to. The camera is so tiny is should be very easy to hide. It can be chart with a USB cord… It can be changed to multiple modes like night vision or motion detection. It also records audio, which I need. So I’m really excited to try it out! Will update review if it turns out not to be good.

  22. Isaac Garcia Jr

    Gret mini spy cam, just what I needed. We have several neighbors that walk their dogs and seems like one of them don’t pick up after their dog goes on my lawn for their necessities. I will now catch them!

  23. Corey A Barcus

    Great amera. very small with outstanding high quality build. Comes with all different attachments to mount the camera where you like. Easy to use and nice resolution as well. Wish it had an app feature to where you could connect it via wifi or tethering to view while on the go. Other than that it’s very good.

  24. Theimann Suner

    So Amazing.
    I really appreciate the spy cam. Aside from the clear capture of videos, it is equipped with night vision and motion detection. A great deal for a spy cam and so user-friendly. a complete cam package. I’m using it while running.

  25. alvincia williams

    love how small it is…………………………………..

  26. Kevin Hung

    Really high quality for the price!!

  27. Daniel Brooks

    I only gave a 3 because I have not even used the product yet. If you will allow me to use first then come back and re-rate you I would be happy to give higher review. I feel like a fish out of water using this right now. I need to get on your site and look for a video on how to operate it. Your manual is so small I cannot read it and I like to use videos to learn from.

  28. 𝑭𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒍𝒊𝒏 𝑹𝒐𝒃𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒐𝒏

    Easy to use, compact, easy to conceal size, easily portable, charges fast, indiscreet, and doesn’t make any noise or beeps when recording

  29. Derek Johnson

    It’s hard to read the instructions, print too small

  30. matthew yost

    Its ok def not ground breaking no wifi or blue tooth cant use in wet weather. meh all togerther

  31. Rick Notter

    Like the size and the ease of use

  32. Shelba Reeves

    Haven’t had a chance to use it yet

  33. Travis Lane

    Works great and it even can with a usb drive thanks

  34. Lia Gabriel Strader

    It came in the mail fast. Seems pretty decent

  35. Josh Fredrichs

    Hidden Mini Spy Camera, 1080P Full HD Nanny Cam, Night Vision & Motion Activation for Indoor Outdoor Portable Secret Surveillance Covert Security Small Cameras

  36. Windes Demosthene

    Well I Just got it today haven’t try it yet

  37. Tammy M Clary

    Great , amazing, great brand, great product, good quality,

  38. Dana Hawk

    Was kind of confusing to get started need a better quick start quite.. almost like a quick start for dummy’s. And you packaging was absolutely no help .

  39. Shiree Ware

    First time purchasing anything like this. I have no idea how to use it and the instructions were very vague

  40. CHRIS

    Absolute garbage!! More cheap chinese products sold through amazon that should be sold on wish! DO NOT BUY!!!

    • tekpluze

      you is sb?

  41. Taffy

    Can be placed anywhere. Good reception and picture. Small enough to hide. Easy to use.

  42. Erica Hertzberg

    Would give better rating if it came with sd card

  43. Anna/ Jimmy Harrison


  44. Janet Habina

    It just arrived today and I will be hooking it up immediately.

  45. Bethi BearCub-Hudson

    This camera is truly small enough to go undetected. Charging time is average. I appreciate all of the accessories that came with the camera too. The micro sd card reader is very helpful!!

  46. Adrian Brown

    Having a Tuesday didn’t know you needed a PC to operate it but I like the design of it. what year was bluetooth enabled

  47. Johnice Williams

    It to much to activate. I still don’t have it hooked up yet

  48. Siniece Washington

    Love the size and quality. I would recommend this camera to family and friends.

  49. Daniel Mercer

    It is amazing how small it is. I have only had it for 2 days now but Iam impressed so far. It doesn’t take long to charge and it is very easy to conceal. I wrote a much more elaborate 5 star review on amazon.

  50. Dayton Blanco

    Perfect size, good quality and perfect t for what i needed

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